Track, Trace and TriumphTrouble with Tracking Grey Market Activity
Effective Product Recall
Management System

AccessReal revolutionizes supply chain visibility with track and trace solutions. Explore how our technology, coupled with blockchain integration, effectively tracks product routes, prevents grey market activities, and facilitates efficient product recall management.

How Does it Work?

When paired with AccessReal, the potential is limitless. Experience the power of complete supply chain transparency, safeguarded by blockchain and fortified by AccessReal. Ready to revolutionize your brand’s security?

See how our solution fits your product

  • We recognize the significance of brand representation. That’s why our AR codes are flexible, allowing for the inclusion of your logo or custom text. Enhancing brand recognition while maintaining impeccable security standards.

Label Printing and Packaging 

  • Our clone-proof code adapts to various materials, from paper to metal, sticker labels to fabric. This versatility seamlessly integrates into existing packaging processes. Find out who are our partner and contact us for more information today

Tailored Tag Types

  • Choose between single or dual-layer identification tags, each offering unique advantages. AccessReal supports various tags, including QR Codes, Barcode Tags, NFC Tags, and RFID Tags

Integration with Blockchain and Supply Chain

  • Yes, our solution seamlessly integrates with Blockchain technology for enhanced security.
  • We seamlessly integrate PID into your supply chain, ensuring authenticity is verified at every step.

Artificial Intelligence Usage

  • Currently, AI is employed to verify the authenticity of our code, with further integration expected in the near future.

Supported Platforms

  • AccessReal’s AR Code can be scanned on any smartphone capable of scanning normal QR codes.

Data Storage

  • Our Cloud Platform is based on proven and mature technology components, compatible with major cloud infrastructure hosting platforms.

Elevate Customer Engagement and Insights

  • AccessReal’s advanced system automatically records extensive consumer data, providing valuable insights into behaviour. Scans for inquiries, authentications, and failures offer a comprehensive understanding.

Seamless Consumer Engagement

  • Our customizable marketing platform establishes direct communication, delivering tailored promotions and messages. Integration for loyalty management, warranty management, and more.

Boost Sales with Business Intelligence

  • By harnessing consumer insights and delivering personalized promotions, businesses can precisely target marketing strategies. This dynamic approach amplifies customer engagement, leading to higher conversion rates and a significant sales boost.


  • AccessReal holds quality and security certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 9001, and FIDO Authentication Framework. Our patented technology ensures reliable and secure cloud services.