Explore AccessReal’s comprehensive
range of solutions
Explore AccessReal's comprehensive suite of solutions designed to
address the diverse needs of businesses. Form brand protection and
anti-counterfeiting to consumer engagement, our holistic approach
ensures your brand is safeguarded and elevated.
Anti-counterfeiting & AuthenticationDiscover cutting-edge solutions for anti-counterfeiting and authentication.
Our patented clone-proof AR Code technology sets a new standard in brand
protection, ensuring your products remain authentic and protected against
counterfeit threats.
Track, Trace and TriumphAccessReal revolutionizes supply chain visibility with track and trace solutions.
Explore how our technology, coupled with blockchain integration, effectively
tracks product routes, prevents grey market activities, and facilitates efficient
product recall management.
Experience the power of consumer solutionsAccessReal provides data analytics for insightful business intelligence,
integrates loyalty programs for enhanced customer engagement, and
manages e-warranty to build consumer confidence.
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Other AccessReal Features

Real-Time Product Tracking
Track And Trace With Blockchain
Grey Market
Business Data
Consumer Engagement
Loyalty Program
Warranty Management