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The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry faces a relentless challenge – the pervasive threat of counterfeit products infiltrating the market, eroding brand credibility and consumer trust, and compromising consumer safety.

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How do we do it?

AccessReal revolutionises the Consumer Packaged Goods industry with an integrated approach that transforms each product into a beacon of authenticity and trust.

Our cutting-edge partner technology precisely prints the AR code, becoming the hallmark of authenticity for each product.
Consumers unlock the magic with a simple scan on their smartphones, verifying product authenticity and gaining assurance.
AccessReal stands guard against counterfeiters, safeguarding sales and ensuring that success remains shielded from imitation.
Our packaging experts take over, encasing products with care. The AR code becomes an elegant symbol of trust for consumers.
The coded label seamlessly integrates into the supply chain, with meticulous tracking at every step to ensure code integrity and authenticity.
AccessReal goes beyond protection, gathering invaluable data on product verification. This data provides powerful insights for targeted strategies.
Rewards and personalised messages engage consumers. Trust deepens with each verification, forming the foundation of customer loyalty.

This seamless process transforms the product journey into an experience of trust, loyalty, and authenticity. Access Real welcomes you to a new era of brand integrity and consumer connection.

AccessReal – Protecting Brands, Enhancing Businesses.