As the digital transformation of supply chains continues to evolve, GS1 Digital Link has emerged as a powerful tool for all types of business-to-business and business-to-consumer information. GS1 Digital Link transforms barcodes and other data carriers into web links, connecting a product’s unique identity to online sources of real-time information that brands can control.

To fully leverage the potential of GS1 Digital Link, it is crucial to ensure that the code used to encode the information is both clone-proof and compatible with this framework. This is where AccessReal’s solution – ARcode comes into play. AccessReal is a trusted provider of clone-proof codes that are fully compliant with GS1 Singapore Digital Link standards. This means that the ARcode can seamlessly integrates with GS1’s existing systems, such as supply chain management, inventory tracking solutions, and minimizing the risk of delivery errors.


In an era where counterfeit products are widespread, it is imperative to take proactive measures to protect your brand. The ARcode is specifically designed to thwart any attempt to photocopy or duplicate it, making it virtually impossible for ill-intended individuals to produce counterfeit products. This patented technology incorporates advanced anti-copying mechanisms that go beyond simple watermarking or holographic labels commonly used in the industry.

The ARcode also offers dual layer of security by enabling consumers to verify the authenticity of a product using a smartphone camera app. By simply scanning the code, customers can access real-time information they need about the product, including its origin, manufacturing details, allergens, recalls and even user reviews, providing them with peace of mind and reinforcing their trust in your brand.

Embracing AccessReal’s patented code technology goes beyond securing your brand’s reputation – it demonstrates your commitment to consumer safety and satisfaction. By utilizing AccessReal’s solution, you not only protect your brand but also contribute to the broader fight against counterfeit goods that endanger both consumers and legitimate businesses.