Cyber security sector gets S$16m boost in grants

National Research Foundation has announced on 18 September 2017 that cybersecurity sector in Singapore gets $16 million boost. 9 research projects have been awarded this grant and of which, two are i-Sprint’s projects.

Project 1: Building next-generation secure environments on smartphones for critical mobile applications
This project aims to develop secure environments on smart phones for critical mobile applications. This allows applications dealing with sensitive or private information to be run in secure environments, hence protecting the data and code execution for critical applications. This project is a collaboration between i-Sprint and the Singapore Management University.

Project 2: Cybersecurity protocol and mechanism for e-logistics of dangerous goods tracking using blockchain
This project aims to study the cybersecurity protocol and mechanisms for e-logistics using smart contracts and blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can provide distributed consensus, protection against tampering and de-centralised ledger maintenance, hence reducing administrative, legal and execution costs. The project will also develop a proof-of-concept cargo tracking system for goods. This project is a collaboration between i-Sprint and Nanyang Technological University.

i-Sprint’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr Albert Ching has been interviewed by TODAY newspaper and Lianhe Zaobao on the projects.

To view more information on the grants and project, please visit the following links