Enhanced content authentication and security with data analytics at the heart of Phygitalbook solution

Phygitalbook - AccessReal Solution for Print and Publications

Hong Kong – August 22, 2016 – CTPS Digiprints and i-Sprint Innovations today announce a strategic partnership to offer Phygitalbook solution to publishers of books, journals, reference works, and travel guides.

Phygitalbook, based on i-Sprint’s award-winning authentication and security technology for the financial sector, provides an innovative solution for anti-counterfeiting, track-and-trace, and product identification. In a nutshell, Phygitalbook supports brand protection, personalizes consumer access, facilitates online learning, tracks product dissemination, and offers data analytics. The latter empowers publishers with real-time metrics and actionable intelligence to further engage their consumers, push related content online, and drive discovery and monetisation.

At the core, Phygitalbook utilizes embedded QR codes within the printed pages, with each unique code functioning as a gateway to authenticate ownership, a portal to the publisher’s learning management system (LMS), and a data collection center on geolocation, access patterns, and consumption behaviors.

This CTPS/i-Sprint partnership is driven largely by the popularity of smart devices, and the need to protect IPs. Through Phygitalbook, a consumer uses a purpose-built mobile app to scan the QR code on the book cover to obtain specific information (including metadata) that the publisher wants to convey. Once purchased, the consumer scans the QR code on the title page (or inside cover page) to register ownership of the book. Subsequent QR codes within the book pages unlock additional content that resides in the publisher’s LMS.

By scanning the QR codes that are strategically placed throughout a textbook, for instance, a student can access new case studies and videos, receive updated content, take part in online assessments, obtain teacher-curated materials, or enter specific social media sites for off-classroom discussion. The possibilities are limited to what the publisher wants to make available.

With Phygitalbook, owners of pirated copies are automatically barred from accessing the publisher’s LMS and additional online content. The same may be applied to those with parallel-imported titles, where distributor/agent information can be embedded in the QR codes before the titles leave the printing facility.

The application of digital/variable printing also means that each unique QR code can be placed wherever the publisher wants, or deems necessary. Scalable and cloud-based, is easily tailored to suit publisher preferences, integrated into existing LMS, and leveraged to deliver selected content and updates.

“We are very excited about the benefits this partnership with i-Sprint brings to publishers, students and readers,” says Peter Tse, CEO of CTPS. “Phygitalbook, while extending the value of a print book through access to additional and updated online content, also protects the publisher’s IP and consumer’s ownership using a secure and fuss-free method. The back-end analytics further provides publishers with measurable and actionable data for further engagement with their end consumers.”

Simon Leung, chairman of i-Sprint Innovations, adds: “By combining our secure and proven technology with CTPS’s advanced printing and logistics solutions, we are offering publishers a new business model—one that delivers value-added content and consumer insights—to assist in their program planning and content marketing. Together, we will set a new benchmark in product security, rights protection, user experience, and business intelligence for the content industry.”

We are collaborating with local and regional Publishers and undertaking beta-testing, the preliminary results are promising. Details expected to be announced shortly.


For more information, please contact:

CTPS Digiprints: John Currie, Global Business Director email john@ctpsdigiasia.com

i-Sprint Innovations: Jackson Ngan Strategic Dev. Director email jackson.ngan@i-sprint.com

Visit: www.phygitalbook.com

About CTPS

Established in 1964, CTPS is a major exporter of print that has worked with global publishing brands in education, STM/journal, reference and travel segments. One of the most progressive and reputable printing firms, it was the first in Asia Pacific to adopt and install HP inkjet technology, enabling it to offer end-to-end hybrid printing solutions with just-in-time delivery and logistics for quick stock replenishment/management programs. Its Hong Kong headquarter is supported by a modern printing facility in Dongguan, China, and a Singapore-based logistics and solutions subsidiary, CTPS Digiasia.

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About i-Sprint Innovations

Premier identity, credential and access management solutions provider i-Sprint Innovations was established in 2000. Its digital identity product offerings include adaptive authentication, single sign-on services, end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and transactional data protection for the web, mobile, and cloud-based applications. Its identity of things (IDoTs) solutions offer next-generation anti-counterfeiting and track-and-trace as well as interactive consumer engagement that aims at helping businesses to build consumer trust, improve brand protection, personalize consumer engagement, and provide business intelligence.

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