The Future of Ticketing: AccessReal’s Solution to Ticket Scams

Remember the recent surge in e-commerce scams involving Taylor Swift concert tickets? Reports revealed that at least 2,000 victims fell prey to concert ticket scams between January and May, with losses amounting to at least $1 million (Straits Times, 2024).

Why is this problem so persistent?

The reality is anyone can fall victim to ticket scams. Currently, there’s no foolproof way to verify or authenticate tickets purchased through platforms like Telegram, X, Facebook, Carousell, and Xiaohongshu.

You only find out when you are denied entry at the venue, as happened to one victim who discovered that her four tickets were fake (Straits Times, 2024).

Some might suggest simply avoiding unofficial sites, but this doesn’t address the core issue. Tickets sell out rapidly, and when demand surpasses supply, people seek alternatives. Additionally, those who bought tickets in advance but can no longer attend often turn to these platforms for a quick and easy transaction.

Empowering Users with Authenticity Verification

We aim to empower everyone to verify the authenticity of tickets before purchase. Just like a certificate has a unique marking, tickets should too. By empowering users with authenticity verification, we are giving them the tools to protect themselves from ticket fraud and scams. With a simple QR scan from your phone, anyone can check a ticket’s authenticity and avoid purchasing fake tickets or being turned away at the door because their ticket has already been used.

This provides peace of mind for consumers and helps event organisers and venues maintain control over ticket sales and attendance. By implementing authenticity verification, organizers can reduce the likelihood of counterfeit tickets and ensure that their events run smoothly and efficiently. This system is a game-changer for the ticketing industry, improving the user experience and eliminating fraud. With our easy-to-use QR code scanning technology, users can now have confidence in the tickets they purchase and enjoy their events without worry.

What about duplication?

A common concern is that scammers can photocopy and duplicate QR codes, selling the same ticket to multiple people. Our solution involves a unique, clone-proof code that prevents duplication and can alert you if there has been ownership of the ticket.

How? By incorporating this technology into ticketing systems, our solution can immediately detect an unauthorised copy when you scan a duplicated ticket. This allows us to take swift action to protect the integrity of our ticketing platform and peace of mind for our customers.

Introducing AccessReal

The AccessReal code offers advanced features to ensure a secure and reliable ticket-buying experience. With patented sequences, it is clone-proof, tracks ownership, and adds extra security layers. This innovation guarantees that your tickets are authentic and protected from fraud and duplication, providing peace of mind for consumers. Say goodbye to duplicated QR codes and hello to a safe and secure ticketing experience.

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