Bank-Grade Anti-counterfeiting, Track and Trace & Consumer Marketing Solution

Leveraging on i-Sprint Innovations strong experience in providing trustful Digital Identity solutions to the financial services industry and various security-sensitive environments, we have unveiled a breakthrough Technology Innovation for the identity of things based on our patented technologies – AccessReal, which is a cloud offering for Brand Protection, Product Authentication and Anti-Counterfeit services.

AccessReal gives each product a unique identity, just like a birth certificate, to allow status detection from the factory to consumer. The unique identity is assigned to the product using identification tag such as barcode, QR code, NFC, RFID. It allows the brand/ product owners to have the ability to empower their channels and customers to self-check the authenticity of the products purchased using smart mobile devices.

AccessReal has integrated with BlockChain technology to provide a unique identity to each object which can be identified by various tagging technologies, especially our patented clone-proof technology, AR Code. It allows enterprises to detect counterfeiting, track and trace products and provenance using blockchain, to perform product recalls and to harness business intelligence for better business planning and personalized interaction with their customers.

Advantages of AccessReal


Instant Product Authentication with Unique Identity

AccessReal provides a unique PID code to each product as an anti-counterfeit and tracking label, and supports multiple common product authentication methods.

Product Track and Trace in Supply Chain

By scanning the unique identity verification label, enterprise can check the logistic information to protect against counterfeits and product diversion.

Real-Time Business Data

Geography is automatically captured to AccessReal’s secured backend system when a consumer scans the unique identification tag. Consumer purchasing habits such as when, where, what is also captured during the scanning. The product’s identification tag scan activities include scan for enquiry, scan for authentication, and scan failure.


Consumer Engagement

Customized marketing system platform enhances the enterprise direct connection with retailers and consumers. Personalize marketing promotions/ messages will be pushed to the target audience to increase consumers’ awareness and sales. Options of using the system to do loyalty management, gift management, warranty management and more are also available.

Bank-Grade Security Technology

AccessReal provides bank-grade level data storage security and end-to-end encryption technology to protect products’ digital identity, authenticate anti-counterfeit identity code and prevent theft and attack. The solution ensures the data and information collected complies with the most stringent privacy laws and regulations.

Product Recall

With unique ID code on each product, AccessReal simplifies the process of product recall when the need arises. Companies gain visibility on the current ownership of the affected batch/ products, enabling targeted push notification to affected consumers, resellers or distributors for effective recall.

Product Traceability Ecosystem Platform

AccessReal Product Production Cycle

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